So raise your glass.

Last year I ushered in the new year with much meaning. I sat down with a glass of wine and started penning down things I have accomplished and learnt throughout the year. Plus my new year’s resolution for 2010. You can read about them here.

I guess this year, I want to share what I have learnt and how I have grown and fulfilled my new year’s resolution. And so much more. I blogged about this previously. Here it is if you’ve missed it. If you’ve read it, let me share it with you again:

I’ve learnt the art of not giving up. The art of pressing on, no matter how great the challenge it is to do so.

I’ve learnt how to praise God in hard times, embracing the challenges, allowing them to mould me.

I’ve relearnt how we should never be a slave to two things; Facebook and our ego.

I’ve relearnt how I should never put my life on hold for a boy.

I’ve learnt how to always look on the brighter side of everything; that every cloud has a silver lining – even when the cloud is grey.

I’ve learnt how I should always do unto other what I want others to do unto me.

I’ve learnt to not be quick to judge; quick to gossip; quick to put people down when I’ve not known the other side of the story.

I’ve learnt that there’s always three sides to the story. This person, that person, and the truth.

I’ve learnt how to make lemonades when life gives u lemons – and sell them for profit.

I’ve learnt how to always be kind and love, even when people make it hard for you to do so.

I’ve learnt to always keep in mind that God died for the person sitting next to me too. And that has changed my life, and how I saw others.

I’ve learnt that if God can love someone like me, I can surely love those who are hard to love too.

I’ve learnt to be bullet proof, and only let the things that matter get a hold of my time and energy.

I’ve learnt to have a tunnel vision, focused on my goals and let nothing else distract.

I’ve learnt to always be positive towards criticisms and improve everyday, in areas I can improve on.

I’ve learnt also that instead of always taking what others say, I should have my own set of views too.

I’ve learnt that we always have to give our best in everything we do. (Even if its sweeping the floor – be the best damn sweeper.)

I’ve learnt to never allow anyone to leave from me not feeling happier, better.

I’ve learnt to always do good out of the sincerity of your heart. If you are not sincere about it, either you don’t do it or you FIND sincerity and do it.

I’ve learnt to never allow anyone to shake my grounds and my principles.

I’ve learnt to appreciate my mom and dad and respect them with love.

I’ve learnt my family deserves some of my time and I should learn to make time for them.

I’ve learnt that if I can’t really enjoy my holidays because I have alot on my plate, I have to learn to enjoy all that is on my plate.

I’ve learnt to always be on time and show up in life.

I’ve learnt how to throw myself into challenges and never be afraid to learn something new, even if that would mean I have to fail.

I’ve learnt that only I would know what makes me happy, and to not just follow my heart on things – but LEAD my heart.

I’ve learnt how to guard my heart; never wearing it on my sleeve anymore.

I’ve learnt that where pride is concerned with who is right, humility is concerned with what is right.

I’ve learnt that successful people are not derailed by their failures. They accept them as a normal part of the process.

I’ve learnt that people who are successful in life do not condemn themselves for failures. They accept it and move forward on a better footing.

I’ve learnt that self-confidence and believing in yourself is having the ability to grow past them, move forward, and learn from them.

I’ve learnt that if you learnt from your failures, you have not truly failed.

I’ve learnt that a winner is someone who steps out, fails, regroups and instead of beating himself up, learns from the mistake and tries again.

I’ve learnt that a winner is a good loser.

I’ve learnt we should always take chances. There are never failures, only lessons learnt.

I’ve learnt that we should always give back better than you are given.

I’ve learnt that there are so many things in life that make you happy. So why focus on the things that make you sad?

I’ve learnt to always put God ahead in everything you do, by committing it to Him at the very start. Somehow things are actually much more different when we do that. Not just the outcome, but our perceptions become different, in a better way.

I’ve learnt to keep in mind in everything I do, it should be a worship unto God. To do everything that will only glorify His name and speak of how great a God I have.

I’ve learnt that we should never play fair – never repay good for good and bad for bad. It will just destroy every relationship.

I’ve learnt that successful people move against  the problem, and show love and respect to the other person at the same time.

I’ve learnt that successful people don’t hang on to bad stuff for long.

Many things can happen in one year.

Well, here’s to a great 2011.



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