I thank my God every time I remember you. Phil 1:3

So after helping out at the dialog session with our MB, Khalid Ibrahim on the Taman Subang Ria issue (helped organised by YB Hannah Yeoh’s office) we had a surprise planned out. Hannah’s birthday was the next day, 9th January.

Well eventually she figured our sneaky plan and yup, we failed to surprise her. But nevertheless we had a good time.

Hannah: According to Indian tradition, wife has to feed the husband.

The team saying a prayer for her.

Oreo SnowIce.

We celebrated in a desert shop in SS15.

The durian fried roll was superawesome.

Working with Hannah, it was evident to me that a job as an assemblyman in Subang Jaya is not an easy one. Yet she tirelessly carries out her duty with fortitude and integrity. I say we’re quite blessed to have her in office in Subang Jaya. She has done an amazing job and will continue to do so with your supports.

This is a video showing how she has come a long way since March 2008. I’m featured towards the end =D

It was a video taken by one of the reporters in MalaysiaKini, Sunny Lim. It will be published soon on MalaysiaKini but we can view it firsthand via his blog. Click here or here.

A massive thank you, Hannah. Holding you up in prayers and supporting you all the way.


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