The heart of worship.

Sometimes the world requires so much of you. You have to strive to be the best, to be on top if you want to make it out there. Sometimes we bend over backwards to please people we don’t even like. Sometimes, we become too caught up with pleasing men. Thats why some of us study so hard, work so hard, get ourselves involved in so many activities.

We forget that we’ve been created to worship God. Not only in singing, dancing or serving in church. But worshiping God in everything we do. We have to remember we’re doing all this for a higher purpose. To do our best for Him and for Him alone. And when we make it, all the glory shall go to Him.

And you know whats even more comforting? The world constantly requires us to bring our best, to be our best. Often we run after those things because we want to be accepted. And often too at times we tire ourselves out doing these things if blindly without a higher drive. Just remember, God looks at the heart. God looks at the willingness, the effort, the pureness of wanting to do well for Him. And that in His eyes, is sufficient. He will say, “well done you good and faithful servant” when you stand before him at the end of it all.

Remember, the world may look at what you can bring physically, but God looks at your heart.

So get your hearts right. Run after pleasing God, not men.


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