Why am I pursuing law?

Some days, being a law student drives me up the wall. Doing very dry and rigid things when I could be out shopping, dancing, playing the piano or reading other books that are non related. I constantly feel tired because I would only get an average amount of sleep of 4 hours. I struggle to finish my work and responsibilities as a law student.

Then it just occurred to me that I would most probably have this routine for the rest of my life when I graduate and work as a lawyer. Maybe even worse, because I wouldn’t have school holidays anymore. I’d be a workaholic in a tiny corner of the office till 2am and constantly overdosing on caffeine to keep myself going. My parents always say, work hard as a student for a little while, and it will be worthwhile for the rest of your life. True that. But the working hard does not stop after graduation.

Naturally, I did ask myself, why am I doing this? What am I getting myself into?

Then I realised, this is what I have always wanted to do. I love the challenge. And I wouldn’t be happier at all if I were in another course. I do know deep down I am called to read law and to pursue a career that is law related.

Many times we can be so weary and tired of doing our best, and sometimes we never know if its ever good enough.

But one thing’s for sure. I know I didn’t put myself through this whirlwind for nothing. I know I’ll be using my law degree not just to sit behind a desk without purpose, but for a greater purpose.

And that alone drives me to be better than my best.


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