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Quiet the noise, and listen to His voice.

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We were created to worship God. And in that we find the greatest freedom.

This is our God. Is there anything too hard for Him?


I’m committed to my dream. Thats all.

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“You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it. Period.” – Pursuit of Happyness.

The difference between the love of a boy and the love of a Man.

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The heart misses him. But the mind keeps reminding me that he’s such a bad idea.

Love isn’t an illusion. But I know that infatuations like these are. And then realise how silly I could be, to even allow for such feelings to brew.

Let me digress.

I’ve just finish reading up on the new British government’s proposals for a new chamber in the Parliament. And the criticisms that came along consecutively.

Thing is, I didn’t realise at was already 3am. Ah the wonders one could do when the heart and mind are aligned. The mind thirsts for knowledge, and the heart loves the subject.

No I’m not a nerd. The difference is because I really do find purpose in what I do. It keeps me going even though I’m really tired. I would constantly remind myself that I’m working hard, not for my glory, but for the glory of God. I want to excel for Him. I had the desire to read law and He granted this desire. What more can I do but to glorify him by doing my best.

I know my best may not be the best. But at least I’m giving a 100%, and not anything lesser.

So yes, my life is all about doing things with a purpose. I must have a purpose in something I do, or else I would not put my heart and soul into it. I might not even bother doing it if it doesn’t serve any purpose.

You see, worshiping God shouldn’t just be in songs and praises. It should also most importantly be in everything you do. Let everything you do be a worship unto God.

Okay so lets get back to what I said earlier. Sometimes, nights can be a tad bit lonesome. Well, I’ll go spend time with the Man Upstairs. He’s different. He doesn’t disappoint or let you down. He’s not insanely unpredictable.

His love is constant, unending and immeasurable. When you feel just a drop of that ocean of the love of God, it engulfs you, embracing every corner of your soul.

That kind of love is always there. And you may not know it, but you’re going to need it someday. Because we were all created with a void in our hearts, that only His love can fill. Take my word for it.

I couldn’t ask for anything more, really. Nothing beats spending time with God throughout your day. Singing praises, playing worship songs on the piano, reminding myself I’m working hard in my studies for Him, and just allowing His love to embrace every inch of me.

I’m currently reading the book of 1 Corinthians. Lets see what He has to say.


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My friends and I were just talking about our first kisses.

Ah, those were the days. Boys come and go.

But one thing remains; coming home to my First Love.

And no kisses, no cuddles, no love from a boy could ever beat that.

The unending sea of the love of Jesus Christ.

You alone shall have all the love I want to give.

The greatest joy I’ve found is to lay a crown before my King.

Heart of God.

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If you claim to really love Jesus Christ, you would do what is really close to His heart. And what is close to His heart is reaching out to the people around you.

I think we’ve forgotten what we have been called to do. We’ve been too busy running after things that are temporary.

If we’ve forgotten that, we’ve forgotten our purpose of life entirely.

No one deserves hell for eternity. No matter how mean you think that person is. No one deserves that kind of torture. Jesus paid the price so we do not have to pay the price.

This was something from my heart I thought I should share.

Time to get serious with God.

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My best friend shared this with me. Its a testimony about how heaven and hell is real.

Sure, it could be fake. But how if its true?

Would you risk it?

Story in Microsoft Word: Heaven_Hell


What are we running after in life? Gotta get right with God.

The road less traveled.

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Sometimes I wonder what would life be; who would I be if I’ve chosen to go to the University of Leeds.

I got accepted into Leeds after my A Levels and had to reject the offer because of financial constraints.

What if I’ve worked and studied? I believe I’d have grown tremendously. Tougher. Meaner. Stronger in the cold.

On a side note: This is one of my favorite brilliant lecturer that graduated from Leeds and Oxford. Click.

And I want to be as brilliant as him someday.

But if I went to Leeds, I wouldn’t have met Hannah Yeoh and had the opportunity to be involved in politics. I wouldn’t have participated in Law Asia Mooting Competition. I wouldn’t have had met law mates that may be friends for life. I wouldn’t have made a difference in little ways I can here in my country.

But I still can’t help but wonder would I be better off if I chose to go to Leeds, by hook or by crook.

I’m going here instead.

I guess this is what God has planned for me. And I trust Him, and thats all there’s to it.