This morning, before going to school, I decided to spend some time with Him.

Previously in Year 1 of law school, I remember getting my arse out of bed for a jog. And then a nice hot shower before spending some time with God.

I somehow forgot how to do that. Mostly because my classes are earlier in the morning now. But that should never be an excuse for me to miss spending time with God.

Sometimes, I’d admit, my studies become my gods in life. I put them first and push many things away. Including Jesus, and even family. Achieving makes me happy.

But only faith in Him brings me joy.

Spending time with God is also honoring God with your wealth. Wealth of your time, in other words.

Spending time with Him gives me purpose in what I’m doing. In the quiet time with God, I am reminded why am I reading law.

And I guess that takes away all the tiredness and burden off my soul. For I am reminded the purpose of striving to do well in law school.

Lord, grant me the spirit of excellence, so that I may glorify You in whatever I do.


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