Only one way: Forward

It was just few days back when Ryan Seacrest was on Oprah. Let me share with you the few things he said when Oprah interviewed him about his success and how he got where he was.

When Ryan was a kid.

Ryan, currently.

“I may not be the smartest, tallest, most good looking person in class. Those are things I cannot control. But what I can control is the effort I put in everything that I do. So I work upwards from there,” [paraphrased]

I found that so inspiring. Sometimes I just don’t feel I’m good enough for the dreams that I have. But I guess the amount of effort put in is subject to my control. And I can, if I try hard enough.

Ryan Seacrest has seven jobs and mentioned he really loves what he does. The host in American Idol, producer of reality tv shows like ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, DJ for American Top 40, and an entrepreneur in Ryan Seacrest Productions (RPS) are among the jobs he has.

I’m not saying that success equals seven high paying jobs.

I’m saying success is absolutely loving what you do, even when it gets hectic. You don’t have to complain because you love what you are doing.

I also think you have already achieved something when you don’t give up even though you may not be the best; and understand that effort put in will carry you where you want to go.

Forward is the only direction we should set our eyes on.


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