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Time to be bullet proof.

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God is the strength of my heart.

So how could I possibly give up?

Maybe I should write a song. It rhymes, doesn’t it?


String instruments.

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How many times have told you I want to play the violin someday?

Guess I won’t tell you enough until I really get to learn it.

And I will learn how to play it.

Heart of worship.

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As my fingers touched the keys of my piano, this song played in my heart. And so I began to worship the Lord with this song. And as I played and sing the lyrics of this song, I was reminded that my life as a student is meant to be a worship unto the Lord.

So whatever I do, I am to do it with excellence, and excel for the glory of God. Because my grades is a worship unto God.

Yup, so even though it gets harder, I’m pressing on.

I’m coming back to the heart of worship,

When its all about you,

All about You Jesus,

I’m sorry Lord for the things I’ve made it,

When its all about You,

All about You Jesus.

Protected: Scars and hurts.

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As a believer and follower of Christ, I observe fasting. This time I am fasting and praying for my upcoming final exams. I need Him desperately and I know I can’t depend on my strength alone. I need His strength.

So I chose to seek the Lord from this day onwards until my exams are over.

What am I fasting on? As a Christian, fasting is not limited to just giving up on food and water. That would mean we have the choice to fast by surrendering and sacrificing the things we love and devote alot of time and energy on. It could be video games, television, eating chocolates.

I chose to fast on the social networks (Facebook & Twitter), and channel my time spent on those networks to the time spent with God. Yes I gotta admit I’ve been guilty of spending way too much time on those sites. Which is totally unnecessary.

I pray through this, I would grow to know Him on a deeper level and love Him even more so, and have a greater faith in Him, especially through trying times like the exam periods.

I would not be updating myself on social networks, but I will blog about how I am doing here. So follow me on WordPress!

And please pray along, as I depend on God, wholeheartedly.


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Channeling the emotions through my fingers onto the piano keys, making music from the depths of my soul, where not just anyone is allowed in to search and find that other side of me.

The piano always help soothe the heartaches.

Worshiping God and making music to Him is the greatest joy.


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When I was a kid, I used to dream alot. I would be physically present but my mind would wander and dance into another world more interesting than where I was.

I got scolded countless times for being a dreamer, because I didn’t have much attention span.

Now, I am still very much a dreamer. But I dream about bigger things in life, subconsciously. And making the choice to make these dreams realities, consciously.

There are people who still react to my dreams negatively, and try to bring them down. But, nah. That does not affect me at all. In fact, it gives me the drive to want to prove it to them that I have the right to dream and the capabilities to realising these dreams.

Oh yes, I am a full time dreamer. And of course, a full time a pursuer.