May I be like You, more and more each day.

We have only one life. And so I’ve always told myself that I would want to live that life to the best, the fullest. Letting only good things come out from the way you live your life – if you can help it. And most of the time, we can help it. We have control over the small decisions we make in life. These small decisions will determine which direction you move in life. Upwards, or downwards. Or not move at all.

These small decisions would be like choosing not to gossip, choosing to encourage a friend, choosing to care, choosing to be positive in life, choosing to work hard in your studies – would make a difference. Not only in your life. But also in the lives of others, because people observe.

Well, at least I can say for myself that I do observe alot. So sometimes I can’t help but feel taken aback when someone chooses to (for example) lie or bad mouth someone else, just because he/she is tempted to. (and sometimes that person knows about the word of God) I just don’t get it. What do people get out of that?

I thought about it today. And I guess I’m in no position to tell them how to live their lives. And who am I to judge? I’m not perfect either. I do try to be better everyday. But I’m not even close to perfect.

I am in no position to correct. And if I do correct people, I have to do it out of love.

Yeah, a new thing I learnt today. And this blog entry is to remind me this is one of the principles I should stand by from now on.


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