This is my desire.

To honor You.

I always believe we were created to worship God. We were made to worship Him.

Lately everything has been amazing. My relationship with the Lord has grown so much deeper and I’ve grown to love Him so much more since the fasting. It is day 5 since I’ve abstained from social networks and took that time to pray, worship and spend time with my Creator.

I’m not sure if you’ve experienced this and understand what I am talking about. I’m just so in love with Jesus. And everything I do now is kept in check to be purposeful and a worship unto God.

I have been praying for certain things, constantly. Everytime I have the opportunity to pray, be it in the car or when no one is around, I will pray for these certain things.

And I’m seeing God answering my prayers now. Ah the power of a prayer and a sincere heart after God.

Also, today my pastor mentioned this:

We all have to do our best and work hard, wherever we are. As a student or as an employee, we are called to excel.

We work hard and pray hard.

Last time, my motto always was to work hard to play hard; or work hard then play hard.

I guess my drive and motto has changed. I now work hard and pray hard. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Having the true purpose of life and knowing what and why you are living for is incomparable to any other causes and joys in life.

Because it is indeed the greatest joy and cause in life.


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