My foolishness made up by His faithfulness.

I’ve done alot of crazy things in my life.

One was just plain crazy and foolish.

I played with fire.

But He was graceful. So faithful. So full of love.

I can’t help but just be still and silent in thought of Him.

I actually don’t have much words to say, because I am just to in awe of His faithfulness.

Yes, He was faithful, even at times I wasn’t.

And I just don’t know how to respond to that. Its so overwhelming. And I’m just in awe.

I’m a sinner made righteous because He died for me. And I will never take that for granted ever again.

I will respect the life I am given with full of gratitude and thankfulness.

And I will love Him with every might within me. To really give my life to honor this.


2 Responses to “My foolishness made up by His faithfulness.”

  1. Hey, I liked it. I was looking for spirituality and found some. Then I also found chord progressions and liked those too. Thanks. Keep Blogging, Keep Writing

    • Vivian K Says:

      Hey, thanks so much for the kind words. I actually made this blog private. But then I changed it to be searchable by search engines because I want to share what I learn in life with others that stumble across my blog. I will keep writing as long as I make a difference in my writings =) Viewed your blog too. Thumbs up to your blogging.

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