If only I could stop time.

Today marks the day last day I can say I have four months left in Malaysia. After tomorrow I will have 3 months and x days. It will consecutively decrease as time flies by, and soon I’ll be on the plane, leaving half of my heart in Malaysia.

Partly Mostly because he stole it away.

I really had a great time with you today, darl. Meeting your family and showering love on your ever so cute little cousin, Valerie at her 6th birthday party. I loved the food and the company and just sitting beside you silently, beaming inside. It was all really a treat.

Then following you for the worship practice and just listening to you sing. Silently supporting you behind. Then driving back in the rain, singing along to songs and just quietly enjoying each other’s presence. With our fingers locked together.

Later with you at work volunteering where I can, seeing you in action. Doing what I love with the person I love.

And after supper with you, brushing your neck gently with my fingers while you drive. Thinking how happy you’ve made me.

I loved today because it was spent with you. I loved how you just allowed me to just be a part of your world.

Yeah there is just four months left. I know we’ll make it count. And it will be the best four months of my life.


2 Responses to “If only I could stop time.”

  1. That’s exactly how i feel… As a very good friend of mine always remarked, “Time stops when you meet the love of your life.” – now i have come to learn the truth and fully agree with him.

    i can imagine myself spending every single day in the next almost four months (and counting!) with you, and before we know it – our time together will be up, in a twinkling of an eye… and thus, begins every waking moment of missing you terribly while you’re away – which i would spend remembering you in prayer, as you would honor His mission for you throughout your duration being sent over.

    i really loved the fact that you could instantly love the people that i love, and so effortlessly. And, the whole time you were beaming… i know you love the food there, but i knew that was (still) not it. 🙂 i was beaming all day too – with you beside me.

    Yes, if i wasn’t rushing i would have loved to introduce you to everyone, hang around and talk for a while, and just walk in the rain together. But, ’twas still great nevertheless: –

    I could spend my life in this sweet surrender,
    I could stay lost in this moment forever,
    Where every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure-ah!

    Don’t know if you noticed, but i would steal glances of you every now and then in the midst of my running around and sitting down (resting), wanting to just sit beside you and not having to care about anything else, but to just be by your side. Yes, doing what i love with the person i love – all this while, i have always been doing it by myself – and i never complained. But, now that He’s found us… i am certainly not complaining. In fact, i am so grateful (and thankful) to Him. i am so blessed. Indeed. Thank You, Lord.

    Oh, boy… how you make me purr – louder than the roar of the mightiest engine. How i would always think to myself, even after sending you back home – of how lucky i am, and how much joy and happiness you have brought into my life… that it’s really not becoming (of me). But, i certainly like (have no complaints again with) the new me. 🙂

    So did i. i loved the fact (and thank our Heavenly Father time and again) that you are such a big part of my life now – how you rock my world (and turn it upside down – for the better!).

    Yes, we will make every moment count. It will be the best moments of my life.

  2. Vivian K Says:


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