59 days fast.

On Facebook and Twitter.

And I am changed. I made a decision to fast on social networks to draw closer to God. I desperately needed Him and His guidance throughout my preparations for exams.

I came to the epiphany that if we all have time for Facebook and Twitter, we surely are not too busy for God too. 

But sometimes we do forget the things in life that are more important. Or rather, that are most important. We were created to be a worship unto Him. How can we not worship Him with our lives?

So I reflected alot on this and everything through my fasting period. I grew to love the Lord even more and simply can’t get enough of Him.

Things have not been easy. But the Lord has been good to me. I thank the Lord for placing people in my life, to cheer me on – to show that You are there constantly when I needed You most.

I’ve really grown to a deeper level of understanding in my faith and really listened to what He has to say.

God is good, indeed. So faithful.

I’d rather have 41 unread notifications in Facebook, than to miss out on the notifications from God.

I challenge you to deepen your walk with the Lord. Try fasting on Facebook and Twitter. Use that time you spend on social networks to spend time with your Creator.

It is really life changing.


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