I was just leading a prayer with some church friends and a church leader at a Spiritual Parenting seminar.

Then the church leader told me she saw a vision. She saw this.

She told me what she thought it meant;

1. Alot of potential

2. I may look hard from the outside, but is in fact sweet in the inside.

Food Fruit for thought.


One Response to “Watermelon.”

  1. i’ve always known both truths about you since i got to know you. i know you will go very far in life, and achieve greatness who a great God whom you love and serve; and that all the hardness of exterior was merely a defense wall (mechanism) set up to protect a very fragile heart hidden within. i have tasted the sweetness of the Lord flowing deep from within you, and i can’t wait to enjoy more of His sweetness by being blessed by you in my life.

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