Dance It! Competition.

Ecstatic. I pulled off organising a dance competition for MPSJ. It was on the last Sunday in Malaysia (9th September) and after all the stress and working with all sorts of people (those who encourage and those who discourage you), I did it! Or rather, we did it. Massive thank you to those who helped immensely. You know who you are. And of course, the Lord, who has blessed me with this opportunity.

We held it in Sunway Pyramid and had renowned judges come judge on our event. We had the wonderful Judimar Hernandez (judge from SYTYCD), Michael Xavier Voon (choreographer from SYTYCD) and Amanda Tay (from Urban Groove) to sit as the panel of judges.

We had the eloquent and gorgeous Victoria Ong to be our emcee. Oh she did quite a fine job!

We had the media to come report about our event. Read about it from Selangor Times here on page 16.

I have never organised an event in my life. And to do something on a scale like that was quite frightening at some point. But my team and I managed to pull it off (by learning from some hiccups here and there, going past negativity and disbeliefs from people around you).

I’ve learnt alot about leadership and more. It was a wonderful experience.

I’ve always been passionate about the arts. I secretly always wanted to act, sing and dance. Well, I ended up doing law instead. But I will continue supporting the arts by encouraging the youth to express themselves through this channel.

Here’s to believing in yourself and proving to the world that you can do it.


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One Response to “Dance It! Competition.”

  1. Proud of you as hell. : ) You’ll get your photos by tonight. ; )

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