Dear God,

It’s so tough, Jesus. I want to cry only to You. Because You are my refuge. My comforter. Tempted to cry on someone else’s shoulder. But I know only Your shoulder’s are broad enough to carry my burdens.

Lord Jesus, it has been tough following You. Taking up my cross and being not just a believer, but a disciple.

Yet I will choose to follow You and walk on the path You have set out for me.

People might not understand. Loved ones might not know the struggle. But this isn’t for them. It is for You.

It may have seemed I chose family over a relationship. But the truth remains. That You are the reason.

I chose to obey You.

And I will always choose You.

May You find me faithful at the end of the day.


One Response to “Dear God,”

  1. And i would pray He would find you just that – and say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Come now, my child – and live with me (in my presence) forever.”

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