It’s the end of my autumn term in the UK. Many of my friends have plans. For the next step, I mean.

Me? I don’t have anything yet. All I have is dreams. But would that be enough?

I feel many have it easier. So much easier.

I don’t  know what lies ahead of me. Well, I’ve not been given an answer yet.

I have tried other options. Tough luck, it may seem. But is it luck that I need?

I don’t think focusing on my burdens and worries will make my footsteps lighter. And besides, I’d be undermining my Lord Almighty.

At the end of the day He is sovereign in my life. Not any other authorities, but Him and Him alone.

And I shall walk the path He has chosen.

I will choose not to complain and focus on the uncertainties of life.

But focus on how great my God is.

And one day I’ll look back and shall see that His hand was ever upon me.


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