Sometimes, that mountain you’ve been climbing is just a grain of sand.

I’ve been quite pleased with the marks I’ve been getting back on my law assignments. Quite satisfied also with application for scholarships and prestigious careers. Glory to Jesus alone.

I’m writing this blog post because I’ve been thinking about things. As a student, it’s easy to loose track on the things that matter in life. Especially when you’re working hard to climb higher in what you do.

But really, after this life, possessions, qualifications all don’t count. You can’t bring them with you to heaven. You can’t present them in front of God. They don’t count in the next eternal life.

We’ve forgotten (or at least I have) about the things that count. Like love, family, unsaved souls, people in need.

What are the things we’re chasing after when we compare them with the little things we have, that many are longing to have. Like food and clean water.

Sure, I will strive on and do my best as a student to excel. But let my life be not merely about excelling for myself. Let not the world revolve around me. But my life revolve around being used by God.

What you got when you ain’t got love – the kind that you just wanna give away.

Time’s flying by, moving so fast. You better make it count because you can’t get it back.

I think this song speaks volumes. I teared after watching and listening. Every word she sung shot right straight into the heart.

Indeed, my soul sings – how great Thou art.


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