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You satisfy my soul.

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You satisfy my soul

You satisfy my soul 

You satisfy my soul

With Your love

You make my heart sing

You lift me on eagle wings

Just when I thought my heart, it would faint

You take the darkest night

And You turn it to shining light

Just when I thought the night had won

Hallelujah, You make all things beautiful

Hallelujah, trials and testing prove there’s gold

Hallelujah, You turn mourning into joy



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I find myself being overwhelmed with work as the final examinations are in less than two months. Overwhelmed to the point I sometimes don’t know what to do but cry out to God.

Then I stumbled across this video:

Find rest my soul in Christ alone. Know His power in quietness & trust.

Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth
Would care to know my name
Would care to feel my hurt
Who am I, that the Bright and Morning Star
Would choose to light the way
For my ever wandering heart
Not because of who I am
But because of what You’ve done
Not because of what I’ve done
But because of who You’re 

I am a flower quickly fading
Here today and gone tomorrow
A wave tossed in the ocean
A vapor in the wind
Still You hear me when I’m calling
Lord, You catch me when I’m falling
And You’ve told me who I am
I am Yours, I am Yours

Who Am I, that the eyes that see my sin
Would look on me with love and watch me rise again
Who Am I, that the voice that calmed the sea
Would call out through the rain
And calm the storm in me

I am Yours
Whom shall I fear
Whom shall I fear
‘Cause I am Yours
I am Yours

Then I find myself overwhelmed by His love for me. And how He cares about the things I care about.
He will carry me through this.
Who am I to deserve such great love?

Basketball goals and life goals.

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The few words from him that encouraged me:

Happiness should not be dependent on achievements. Happiness should not fluctuate in how we play in games/perform in exams.

He says, yeah it looks like he is living the perfect life. But then adds on to say that stuff brings him only temporary happiness but not eternal joy.

How are you living your life? What do you think about most everyday? How do you play the game of life for the heavenly prize?

John PiperGod created us for one single passion; to display His supreme excellence in all areas of life.

Submit your will and desires and let God take care of the rest.

Phillipians 3:14 

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

1 Corinthians 9:24-25 

The Need for Self-Discipline
 24 Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. 25 Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.

Colossians 3:23 

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.

Stillness in the chaos.

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I’m not sure if it’s normal for me to be feeling this calm on the eve of my result’s day. Perhaps the Lord is gracious and generous in His peace giving.

But really, I’ve learnt that there is really nothing to fear. Because it is all already in His hands. All of our stories are already written in His books. What can we do but surrender?

I choose to stop trying to be God, and choose to allow Him to take over.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.

And oh, let me tell you. The burden is so much lighter.

The word for me (from family and friends) throughout my exam period was Isaiah 40:30-31

30 Even youths grow tired and weary, 
   and young men stumble and fall; 
31 but those who hope in the LORD 
   will renew their strength. 
They will soar on wings like eagles; 
   they will run and not grow weary, 
   they will walk and not be faint.

And His word shall I only allow my thoughts to consume.

59 days fast.

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On Facebook and Twitter.

And I am changed. I made a decision to fast on social networks to draw closer to God. I desperately needed Him and His guidance throughout my preparations for exams.

I came to the epiphany that if we all have time for Facebook and Twitter, we surely are not too busy for God too. 

But sometimes we do forget the things in life that are more important. Or rather, that are most important. We were created to be a worship unto Him. How can we not worship Him with our lives?

So I reflected alot on this and everything through my fasting period. I grew to love the Lord even more and simply can’t get enough of Him.

Things have not been easy. But the Lord has been good to me. I thank the Lord for placing people in my life, to cheer me on – to show that You are there constantly when I needed You most.

I’ve really grown to a deeper level of understanding in my faith and really listened to what He has to say.

God is good, indeed. So faithful.

I’d rather have 41 unread notifications in Facebook, than to miss out on the notifications from God.

I challenge you to deepen your walk with the Lord. Try fasting on Facebook and Twitter. Use that time you spend on social networks to spend time with your Creator.

It is really life changing.

Seriously, my hair’s messy like Mozart’s.

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You keep me up late at night. Rustle up my hair every time.  You consume my thoughts and my energy. You always get the best of me. You’re so tough to wrap my head around at times. You make my heart beat so fast when the ‘dates’ draw close. I try my best but sometimes it may not be enough.

I’m talking about no boy here. I’m talking about Year 2 of law school and my finals now.

Okay, jokes aside, in the midst of this hurricane inside of me, Lord I know you are there. And everything will be alright, just because.

Beginning without finishing.

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He spoke a parable unto them…that men ought always to pray, and not to faint” (Luke 18:1).

No temptation in the life of intercession is more common than this of failure to persevere. We begin to pray for a certain thing; we put up our petitions for a day, a week, a month; and then, receiving as yet no definite answer, straightway we faint, and cease altogether from prayer concerning it.

This is a deadly fault. It is simply the snare of many beginnings with no completions. It is ruinous in all spheres of life.

The man who forms the habit of beginning without finishing has simply formed the habit of failure. The man who begins to pray about a thing and does not pray it through to a successful issue of answer has formed the same habit in prayer.

To faint is to fail; then defeat begets disheartenment, and unfaith in the reality of prayer, which is fatal to all success.

But someone says, “How long shall we pray? Do we not come to a place where we may cease from our petitions and rest the matter in God’s hands?”

There is but one answer. Pray until the thing you pray for has actually been granted, or until you have the assurance in your heart that it will be.

Only at one of these two places dare we stay our importunity, for prayer is not only a calling upon God, but also a conflict with Satan. And inasmuch as God is using our intercession as a mighty factor of victory in that conflict, He alone, and not we, must decide when we dare cease from our petitioning. So we dare not stay our prayer until the answer itself has come, or until we receive the assurance that it will come.

In the first case we stop because we see. In the other, we stop because we believe, and the faith of our heart is just as sure as the sight of our eyes; for it is faith from, yes, the faith of God, within us.

More and more, as we live the prayer life, shall we come to experience and recognize this God-given assurance, and know when to rest quietly in it, or when to continue our petitioning until we receive it. –The Practice of Prayer

Tarry at the promise till God meets you there. He always returns by way of His promises. –Selected



 “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16)

Let us do what we students are called to do; that is to do our best. With much prayer and perseverance.