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Melbourne: Day 1

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To live life without any boundaries would mean to move ahead to do what I love, without waiting for the people around me.

So, few months back I decided to just go ahead with booking a flight to the land of Australia. Weighing the cost (all from my own savings), the fact that I would be travelling alone for the first time without the parents, I still thought, why not? After all, how many more holidays do I get for a window to travel? Soon, in two years time, I see myself slaving away at the lonely corner of a law firm.

Life is short. And this is how I live life  as though everyday would be my last. I flew to Melbourne.

I booked a ticket to Melbourne with Angelina. She and I planned this few months back because she wanted to visit her friends in Melbourne before they graduated. I too promised Siew Fong I’d visit her in Sydney. But because Air Asia only flew to Melbourne (and I had to board another plane subsequently if I wanted to fly to Sydney) I decided to drop by Melbourne for a couple of days before flying off to Sydney.

Angel and I at LCCT.

Pretty decent food served on the plane.

After a few rounds of Monopoly Deal, chatting and stuffing our ears with ear mufflers because of the crying baby adjacent to our seats, the 8 hour flight was over.

A glimpse of the Australian sunrise.

After collecting our baggage and going through the custom inspections, I was warmly welcomed to Melbourne by my best friend, Carissa and boyfriend, Ming Zen. We waited until Angel boarded her coach to Swanston Street and left the airport to Ming’s house in Point Cook.

Ming’s beautiful home.

After placing my luggage down, I enthusiastically agreed to head to the city!

My first photo of Melbourne city.

My first tram ride.

The Public Purse by Simon Perry

Lunch at Cafe Andiamo.

Risotto and spinach cooked in creamy white wine sauce.

Kanchiny, Cherry, Jocelyn, Carissa

Raspberry and White Choc, Cherry Choc and Mint frosted cuppy cakes! One of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted.

Federation Square, where Bersih 2.0 was held in Melbourne.

Just like the ground, the square blocks are covered in real grass too!

The art museum.

And we came across this street with graffiti filled walls.

Melbourne city at night!

Lindt chocolate cafe for macaroons.

And we went to Hairy Little Sista for some champagne.

Had champagne with the macaroons.

Then had a hearty dinner with the merry family!

More to come!


I love the holidays.

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You know why? Because then I have extra time to catch up on life, family, friends and the late night dates with law books. And I finished writing another article.

I celebrated by grandma’s birthday back at my hometown and had a blast with my cousins.

Secret Recipe cake.

And when I was back in Subang I spent one of the days going to the gym, overeating and singing my heart and lungs karaoke-ing with the new friends. No picture available because they decided to turn off all the lights.  ._.

Then I went to watch Life As You Know It with Ashwathy and Angelina. Girl’s day out to catch up. No picture available because I was too lazy to flip my camera out.

And today I had a splendid day out lunching with Brenda at Full House. I’m so proud of myself for being disciplined. I ordered this:

Caesar Salad tossed with toasted bread cubes, topped with sprinkles of cheese served with Smoked Salmon. Beetroot cream soup. Ice lemon tea.

Peppermint Chocolate Cake.

And as I was driving back, I began to notice how beautiful the flowers planted by the roads were.

Look how they bloom for you.



When you appreciate little things in life.

Celebrate indulgences.

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Lemme start this entry with thanking the Lord for blessing me tremendously. With an awesome mom, and time spent with her.

Headed down to the city for some shopping today. Bought a floral top, three yummy formal shirts and two hip hugging formal skirts. Then, mummy brought me to Starhill Gallery to have a little feast.

We stopped by Shook!.

And ordered, and ordered, and ordered.

Caesar salad, lightly dressed with mayonaise, topped with toasted bread cubes and juicy grilled prawns on the side.

Foot long chicken and cheese sausage, with mashed potato in brown sauce.

Prawn spaghetti olio.

Japanese style deep fried chicken.

Kung pao chicken served with warm mun dao.

Mocktails: Cranberry Mint Mojito and Blue Hawaian.

Then we adjorned to Fisherman’s Cove.

And ordered some more!

Aglio Olio Spaghetini with Molip Clams.

Deep Fried Calamari with Garlic Mayonaise.

Smooth (and almost creamy) soy bean pudding with gula melaka and topped with cincau jelly.

Mixed Fruit Tea Mint Mocktail and Pink Guave Juice.

Both restaurants are highly recommended, darlinks.

Life is yummay.

Indulge in every moment. Savour life.

Because I have a sweet tooth.

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Greetings love ones!

So you might be wondering what have I been up to since the holidays commenced. Yes, I have been going out – pictures will be on Facebook for stalking purposes. But other than that (I am still a good homely girl – sometimes) I baked!

Well, it was for daddy’s birthday. I gave him a card and baked a cake with mummy!

A chocolate marble cheesecake, that is.

Dusted lightly on the top with cocoa powder and decorated with white chocolate chips whilst creating the marbled effect.

When daddy was cutting the cake.

Celebrated his birthday also with a home-made potato pie. (minced chicken marinated in delicious sauces and spices and mixed vege, topped with mashed potato and baked till golden brown and crispy)

Yes, I find joy baking for people very dear to me, especially on their special day – their birthday.

I baked for Angel on her birthday earlier this year.

A chocolate moist cake, topped with a thick layer of melted chocolate, decorated with white chocolate chips.

The cuppy cakes was for QC. – quality check.

And surprised her in church with Samuel!10.01.2010

I decided to bake this particular cake because she liked it – when I baked for the fund-raising for the Community Service Society. (to raise funds for a christmas party to be organised at the Trinity Home by selling the cakes and other goodies)

She loved the sides. So I thought it’ll be good to bake her a round cake so she can have the sides in every piece.

Since she’s so special to me, you know.

I baked for last christmas too.

A cheesecake with Oreo biscuit base, topped with Hershey’s chocolate sauce, decorated with chocolate chips.

So yes, I bake for occasions. Want a slice at my bakings? Let me know in advance and I’ll be happy to bake something of your choice.

My best friend bakes too. And she is selling her goodies. In this case, its Blueberry Cheesetarts!

Creamy cheese with a crispy crust and a rich swirl of blueberry.

Available in two sizes.

Mini (3.5 cm in diameter)

Medium (5 cm in diameter)
Set A: Box of 9 pcs (Medium-sized tarts) – RM12
Set B: Box of 16 pcs (Medium-sized tarts) – RM20
Set C: Box of 49 pcs (Mini-sized tarts) – RM40

The cheesetarts can be picked up at the Subang Perdana Goodyear Court 3 guardhouse (opposite the Metro Bus station).

Or delivered at:

+ Subang Parade
+ Summit USJ
+ Sunway Pyramid
+ Taipan Business Centre (USJ 9)
+ Digital Mall (USJ 19)
+ Starbucks (SS 15)
A request or order via email to within a week and delivery will be done on Fridays and Saturdays to the locations mentioned above.
Please include:
Contact number:
Set (eg: Set A):
Quantity (number of boxes):
Delivery date (if any):
Delivery location:

Ain’t it great to have a best friend who bakes as well – and is awesome at it. Satisfaction guaranteed, really. Order some and you’ll see.
So that’s about it, my baking story, slotting in an advert for my best friend’s baking as well.I hope you drooled enjoyed reading this post. Till then, lotsalove. x
Click on the pictures for a better view.

A Tribute to a Burger.

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A burger named Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken.

I have been craving for a bite at Carl’s Jr since like what, before my GPL paper! And finally, allowing the bursts of taste from a mouthful of  my Bacon Swiss.

And the Chicken was crispy alright! It wasn’t like one of those invitations to treat or misrepresentations.

Best part of Carl’s Jr? Their fries. Freshly cut fries – it even sounds yummy. Their fries are the best, compared to any other fries from other renowned fast food chains – hands down. In my opinion – fair comment (please don’t sue me).

And whats even better is their Chilli Cheese Fries. Especially when its warm. Heavenly, I tell you.Carissa: You know, Carl’s Jr is from America. They have this over there.

Me: Wow, good for you! (she’s heading to the states to further her studies)

Carissa: I’m not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing.


I wouldn’t mind at all, actually. I’m not really a huge fan of burgers. But Carl’s Jr has been my only exception.

I overdosed on unhealthy food. But I was a happy girl. A VERY happy girl.

Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Combo (+ any refillable soft drink of your choice + freshly cut fries) = RM18.75

Time spent with my best friend = Priceless.

Imma big fan.

Up next: Something sweet, something sticky, something I indulge in. That you might never had thought I did. Yes, proceed with the stalking.

Cheers! x


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I love rainy nights. Listening to the sounds of the rain.

That coupled with a yummy glass of blended banana, strawberry and yogurt (yes, without sugar).

Typing away on the fundamental rights in the German Law System on my new white Dell Inspiron 1440.

Life is a bliss. When you savour these little things.

Go out girl, and go play.

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Okay, its only fair if we had a nice outing for movies and food from the many trips to the library preparing for Moot and Mock Test.

So, Ashwathy and I planned a movie marathon couple of days back. We planned to watch The Princess and The Frog.

(Yeah, two boyfriendless girls watching a Disney movie. We have not grown up, you see)

It was sweet. Touching. A typical fairytale. I loved it. I guess I’ve not grown out of Disney Princess Movies. However, I do still prefer movies with more substance. I’d rate it a 4/5.

Then, we proceeded to watch Couples Retreat.

It was alright. I typical predictable rom com. It was funny. Well, its categorised as an 18PL movie. So that pretty much sums up everything. I’d rate it a 3/5.

Well of course before that we headed for lunch. There’s this new place in Sunway Pyramid, called Full House. The decor was beautiful. (It was mostly white, one of my favourite colours) – Yeah that lured us in.

The centrepiece of the restaurant:

Pretty, aint it?

Both of us had the same set lunch.

It came with a huge glass of undiluted ice lemon tea.

The appetizer was Forest Soup. (Cream of mushroom sprinkled on top with thin slices of almond nuts)


The main course was Spaghetti with Turkey Ham and Shiitake Mushrooms swirled in cream sauce.

The desert was the two slices of cake, one Vanilla and the other Chocolate.

And we paid only RM16.90 for all that! (Only during lunch hours and price is subject to 10% gov tax)

Oh yes, our tummies were full and happy. I really liked the spaghetti. I’m still thinking about it actually. 😛 Who wants to head there with me the next time?

Then, we decided to go for some retail therapy. I tried on dresses I really liked. And I had helluva hard time walking away from them. It makes you think, WHERE THE HELL IS MY TALL, DARK, HANDSOME AND RICH BOYFRIEND?

Particularly this one. (It seem leopardy patterns are in this season)

I like the vest too!

Ooh this one’s damn clubbing.

I thought I’d never be able to pull off a white dress. Hell, I like this dress.

Yeah this one too. *cringes*

This was in my favourite colour so I had to try it on. I liked the patterns at the back.

I think this dress is cute. But I didn’t have much difficulty walking away from it. Ash however really liked that black dress and had a hard time walking away from it. That dress had two thumbs up from me too. It was darn sexy.

Another pretty white dress. *cringes*

Then, we tried on some t-shirts:


 I liked the t-shirts as well! Gah.

(All garments courtesy of Voir, Padini, Forever 21, and Nichii.)

So after satisfying my craving for a McDonald’s Strawberry Cornetto Sundae, I felt that my day was complete.

Us girls should have more girlfriend outings, yes?

Till then. X

Get your arse back to Criminal Law, woman.