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I baked!

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With mom’s help.


Spinach and egg filled. Topped with slices of black pepper and cheese filled sausages and mushrooms.

Best served warm with a scoop of mayonnaise or fresh cream cheese.

*slightly brown because toasted before serving.



Best served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and fresh juicy USA strawberries.


Because in your eyes, I’d like to stay.

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And I found myself slow dancing to these songs with him under the moonlight, without a care in the world.

Oh I’ll never know what makes this man
With all the love that his heart can stand

Wearing your jumper to sleep every night, baby.

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What do I do with a boy like you?

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Wearing your yummy white shirt and allowing you to feed me cherries and strawberries in bed. You singing ‘Kau Ilhamku’  to me on the way back home in the light drizzle rain at night. And everything in between. Yeah it doesn’t get any better than this.

If only I could stop time.

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Today marks the day last day I can say I have four months left in Malaysia. After tomorrow I will have 3 months and x days. It will consecutively decrease as time flies by, and soon I’ll be on the plane, leaving half of my heart in Malaysia.

Partly Mostly because he stole it away.

I really had a great time with you today, darl. Meeting your family and showering love on your ever so cute little cousin, Valerie at her 6th birthday party. I loved the food and the company and just sitting beside you silently, beaming inside. It was all really a treat.

Then following you for the worship practice and just listening to you sing. Silently supporting you behind. Then driving back in the rain, singing along to songs and just quietly enjoying each other’s presence. With our fingers locked together.

Later with you at work volunteering where I can, seeing you in action. Doing what I love with the person I love.

And after supper with you, brushing your neck gently with my fingers while you drive. Thinking how happy you’ve made me.

I loved today because it was spent with you. I loved how you just allowed me to just be a part of your world.

Yeah there is just four months left. I know we’ll make it count. And it will be the best four months of my life.

Dance the stress away.

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Taken from the music video of If I was you (OMG) by Far East Movement ft Snoop Dogg

I’m hitting the dance floor tonight with my best friend, baby.

Everyday should be Valentine’s Day.

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This morning I woke up to a text message from a friend I look up to, and consider that he’s the closest to what I’d call a brother. I don’t think I have ever had someone show me so much brotherly love. And that includes showing me that I may not be right all the time, edifying me and encouraging me. And this brotherly love wasn’t shown because of some lame reason like Valentine’s Day. It came with full sincerity.

Other than the slightly elevated morning, the rest of the day was pretty much normal; spending time in the university from 8am till 5.30pm.

I then was randomly given a cupcake. By Ellan, my closest guy friend – or rather my best friend, I think. Well, it wasn’t anything great but thats the only thing I got for Valentine’s so I’m not complaining!

Ah Valentine’s so overrated. Everyone expects so much from 14th February. Why pick one day to show your love when you can love 365 days a year? Husbands/boyfriends can leave roses for the woman randomly on other days too. Likewise for the girlfriends and wifes.

Then I spent my afternoon singing Shania Twain’s From This Moment On in the car with my guy friend, Chuin after class, and gossiping about hot guys. =B

Then later in the day I received a text message from a friend saying “I’m reminded that I am single today”. I thought it through before replying. Instead of the usual lecture on “Key is to want, but not need men”, I knew sometimes preaching what I strongly believe in might not be taken and understood by the other person anyways. So after thinking a fair bit, I replied “Why do you need a man to define you? You are an amazing person yourself and I think you should give yourself more credit than that,”

Hey, after all, Valentine’s is about showing love. And that is not restricted to someone you have romantic feelings for.

I also feel that the word love has been used in vain so many times. Often people express their infatuation for one another by that word. I feel strongly about love and I think it should only be used when we are really sure it is love.

So what if you spent your Valentine night a little too quiet. Your turn will come.

That doesn’t mean you can’t continue showing love towards others.