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Romans 3 and 4.

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That was what I’ve been doing for the past few days.


was what I was called to be. But I was not.


was how I felt.

Then I decided to run back. Oh how filled I was. Overwhelmed by His great love for me. His kindness drew me near. There no match comparable to what I felt when I ran back to be embraced as a child of God. I was forgiven for being distant.

Matthew 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

I’m a person who runs after righteousness. I embrace righteousness. But I slowly lost grip of my relationship with God, and myself. And I was comfortable where I was.

Little did I know I’ve started to become lifeless. I tire myself out striving for the things of the world. I forgot my purpose here. I’ve forgot the reason for all that is before me. I kept God out of the picture. And the worst happened. I forgot how to come back to His feet and how amazing that would feel.

Its the second day of 2011 now. And I do not want to waste a single second of this year not having Him in my focus. Most definitely I would sin and not be righteous at times. But I pray I will keep my focus on His great love for me, that I shall not go off track.

I read Romans 3 & Romans 4 tonight. Its so comforting.

It says no one is ever righteous because all of us fall short of the glory of God. We’re all human and we sin. So how then do we please God?

We please God through our faith in Christ Jesus. (Romans 3:21-24)

Because Jesus died on the cross for our sins to demonstrate His righteousness and for us to be justified before God. (Romans 3:25-26)

Jesus died for my sins and was raised to life for my justification. (Romans 4:25)

This time alone with God taught me I might sometimes fall when I’m running, even after righteousness. Sometimes we’re too imperfect to ever please God. But through faith in Christ I am made perfect in His name and I can please God.

Incomparable joy was how I felt with the time spent with Him.

Lord I seal this with a prayer, dedicating 2011 to You. Let Your will be done in my life this year.

Jesus, take

the wheel.

For me, to live is Christ. Phillipians 1:21



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I had the best new year’s eve ushering in a brand new year.

My friend thought 2010 seems like the fastest year ever. I couldn’t agree more.

I spent my new year out with Siew Fong. By the grace of God, we got a nice parking (close to 11pm where everywhere was jammed and busy) and well, she really wanted to see fireworks. I brought her and yeah we were two crazy screaming happy bitches when the sky lit up. Our faces lit up too.

Then, the initial plan was to go partying, or drinking at a bar. And then we decided it would be so much better if we grabbed a bag of chips and headed back home to recap 2010 together, and make new goals for 2011. I did that last year, on my own with a glass of wine. But this year I get to share and do it with someone really dear to me, who can share my dreams and goals.

We had a very thoughtful conversation, keeping each other in check. And sharing our past and our dreams for the future.

Bag of chips: RM1.90

Most meaningful way of starting the new year: Priceless.

My second article on Loyar Burok.

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I wrote this in conjunction with the Children’s Rights week, for my law school’s colloquium on The Protection of Children’s Rights In Malaysia.

I genuinely wrote because I wanted to learn more about this particular field. Edmund Bon has asked me to share it on Loyar Burok. I did because I was glad I could share what I have learn with others as well.

Click here.

Part 1.

And here.

Part 2

Freedom of speech and expression.

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Hence, I decided to write an article from what I have learnt back in the summer holidays.

Click here to view (LoyarBurok website). Or here (Hannah Yeoh’s website).


The summer begins.

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Oh I feel so merry right now.

  • Attachment at SL&B – DONE
  • Law Asia mooting – DONE
  • Attachment at C&C – DONE
  • Piano Practical Exam – DONE
  • Piano Theory Exam – DONE

(in that order)

and i survived, baybeh.

Oh thank the Lord above for seeing me through each and every obstacle. From pulling my hairs out for moots, to enduring the public transport to KL and reaching home half dead, from playing the piano for at least 3 hours a day till my back hurts like shiz, and to doing more than 20 sets of past year theory of music papers. I’m finally done.

Now, the summer begins. Summer is when we do what we love. When we indulge in the things we want to do. And yes, that is precisely what I am currently doing.

I’m interning in Hannah Yeoh’s SJ ADUN office. Today marks the first day of my work. AND HELL YEAH I LOVE MY JOB. In interning with her, she’ll bring me to meetings with authorities, residents, complainants. She’ll throw me loads of stuff to organise – like a town hall session with the residents. I’ll get to really see the issues and needs of the people in Subang Jaya, and help solve it with her. She’s been herself – amazing, that is. She’s an amazing boss. We have political conversations and she does ask my point of view on things. One day with her and I’ve learnt to much. Never felt more fulfilled in life when working.

Could this be what I want to do with my law degree few years down the road? Too soon to tell.

I still think I’ve always want to be a teacher. I want to pour into people’s life. Well, today I’ve completed my piano theory exam (as stated above) and the exam was held in my secondary school. I can’t believe how at home I still feel when I step into the compound – probably it’s because I spent 5 freaking years in that prison place. I greeted some of my teachers (and surprisingly they still remember me despite I’ve grown so much fatter) and chatted with the school guard. Then I thought to myself, hey I really want to make a change in classrooms. I want to change a few lives.

Looking back, I guess it was always in me to want to teach (with the little I know). When I was about 8 or 9, I used to make ABC exercises for the younger kids around 4 or 5. In high school I loved Sejarah, and I wouldn’t mind teaching and retelling the ‘stories’ I learnt from my amazing tuition teacher. In A Levels, I volunteered as a tutor for Law and Economics, and taught two classmates – with the little I knew. And in law school – also with the bits I knew I tried my best in helping by drawing mind maps, and sharing my notes with those who camped at the library along with me. I don’t know, I just love to teach. But I might not be able to teach to save my life. But that’s not the point here. Point is, I love to teach.

But if I really do teach in my secondary school, I’ll be a poor law graduate. And plus, the teachers that once taught me might tell the students how I always slept in class, ate in class and made a lot of noise in class, oh, and not do my homework all the time. A point to note, Vivian.

Yeah so these two jobs are on my mind now. Politics and teaching. So, if I may ask you, what does both the jobs stated above have in common? It is to make a difference. To be a service to others. I guess that’s my dream.

And life’s awesome when you do what you love. Remember that.

Multiple times have people told me not to go into politics. To attach at law firms and not with a political party as it is not related to the course I’m studying. To work for my previous employer who is offering me to assist him again (conveyancing firm). Well, I’m glad I did it my way. I’m glad I’m doing what makes me happy and fulfilled. No, this internship does not pay. Whereas working in the conveyancing firm may pay me a few hundred bucks. But sorry, I’d rather say no to money and run after satisfaction in life.

Remember that if you don’t do what you love, you’ll be forced to love what you do. And what I absolutely would love, is to give back. To serve others.

Service is the rent you pay for living.

I had an epiphany.

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I want to be both more mentally and physically fit/strong.

Yes it is my new goal in life.

To be a person of intellect and a person good in sports.
Loooong journey, my friend.

To be, or not to be – a lawyer.

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So today was my last day working in SLB. I had loads of time to think on the bus back home. About what exactly I’d want to do with my law degree when I graduate.

After working two weeks in one of the largest and well renowned KL law firm, I don’t think going into practice and working my arse off into the night and travelling to KL is for me. I wouldn’t mind that  kind of commitment to my job, if I really love what I do. But I somehow don’t see myself growing to like it, let alone love it – to do it long-term.

So I was deep in thought. And I figured I’m the kind of person who goes after satisfaction in my career and life. And I’d absolutely love to do pro-bono jobs,  or anything – that would make a person’s day, pouring into lives of others knowing they’d leave happier and better. I’m considering working with legal aid next year – with UNHCR or WAO or the prison.

Yes, I am also considering to be a teacher. I think it’ll be very fulfilling, knowing that you’ve blessed others with knowledge; or even lessons in life.

I don’t know about you, but I think something’s got to be done in our education system. Yes the government is trying to implement improvements slowly but surely – but lets face it. Some of us can’t be waiting around for our country to step up to the game. That’s why the degree of brain drainage is increasing rapidly. People are migrating overseas, just to send their kids to better school. Good students refuse to enrol with local universities and resort to scholarships abroad. And do these people actually come back and contribute to make a change in our country? Most come out to be successful and earning big bucks – overseas.

First it was Math and Science being changed back to BM. Then now its the cutting back on JPA scholarships with the excuse of insufficient government funds. I wonder how did they get the 800 million (do correct me if I’m wrong) to build a new Parliament. And heck, I’ve been to the Parliament. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with it. Its beautiful. So I still don’t get why we need to waste money on a want, rather than a necessity ie. the scholarships. Don’t they get that education has to be a priority in our country for a little thing called progress.

Also, I don’t get why the education system is almost solely based on academics and not curriculum. Why do schools not have proper PE where students actually lift weights, play netball (like how they do in US when its gym session) but students are allowed to just sit around or even skip PE. Why are Malaysian schools so results orientated by having UPSR and PMR? Yes exams are important, but now it has come to the point where it is the number of A’s we get. Why aren’t students in local schools vocal and ever ready to voice their thoughts and opinions?

I love teachers and I think they’re awesome beings, but I believe teachers have a huge role to play in the abovesaid. We need quality teachers, but most of them would be either lecturers in Universities or teaching in good schools. Many teachers are in schools not because they have a passion to teach, really.

I’m just one person, but I really want to make a change in the classrooms.

Changing Malaysia in a larger scale would be probably be possible by going into politics – which I have considered. That’s why I have always wanted to work with Hannah Yeoh to see how she changes the community around her; and also because I think she’s awesome. Maybe changing Malaysia would be too far-fetched. But changing one thing at a time, in a smaller scale might be doable.

Also, the public transport in Malaysia. I’m sorry to say this but – Rapid KL isn’t so rapid after all. Okay the busses are not too bad. But the trains are a nightmare. This was after enduring the nonsensical congestion with hundreds of people on the way and back from KL. Yes I know the PM has been on the KTM – but I’m sure everyone made way for him. It’s not like he has to squeeze with everyone and felt what it was like when the train in delayed for half an hour. And we wonder how a country like Singapore (which is equally congested as well – and more rely on public transport rather than cars there) have a very reliable public transport system.

Many questions I’d like answers to. But I can go on endlessly about the things that need change, but all talk and no actions is just being plain hypocrite. I really want to do make a change in my country any way I can.

Also after working in the Intellectual Property, Corporate and Litigation departments in the law firm, I figured I’m more inclined to enjoy litigation (but not the stress that comes along with it as well). So I was also considering being a prosecutor for the government.

But I’m not sure how I’d make a change in Malaysia by working in that line. I’ve also always considered being a judge. That way I can make a change by making good law and standing by fairness and justice.

However all these might just be dreams as I love my parents a great deal. I’m sure they would not be too happy if I used my law degree to go for a low paying job as a pro-bono worker or a teacher (after spending loads of money on my education) or become a judge or politician and having little time for them.

I’d also have to consider my dad’s dream – to run his company. It may not be what I want but family is very important to me. I never want to let them down.

And yes, they’d like for me to earn big bucks after investing their funds into my education. So if I were to please them I’d be applying for jobs abroad like Hong Kong or Singapore. Or working for international companies as a legal advisor. But I reckon there would be minimal opportunities for me to make a change in our country if I choose this path.

So yes, being the only child has its pros and cons, one of the cons being to be carrying a huge burden to support and give the best to my family. I’d have to weigh what I want and what my parents want. Both are equally important to me.

But as of now, I know what I really want. To make a change, be it in small ways or big ways; be it in people’s lives or my country.

But heck, I’m just a First Year going on Second Year law student. I’ll have time to worry about this when the time comes.

Be it working in UNHCR or as a teacher or politician or judge or taking over my dad’s company or becoming a money minded lawyer or a legal assistant, I know He has a path set out for me already.

He said so in Jeremiah 29:11.