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I watched Narnia today!

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Love this song from the OST.

And a quote from the movie:

Before we can defeat the darkness out there, we have first have to defeat the darkness within ourselves.


I loved today.

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Oh I love doing shopping on my own where I take my own sweet time and zone out from everything around me. I did that till Brenda arrived. After some more shopping we had a healthy lunch and watched Gulliver’s Travel.

We did more shopping, and burned a hole in my wallet.

Brenda treated me to some good ice cream here:

Then I went for my cell’s Christmas party. Good food, great company, and the best part was the carol singing. I love how our voices filled the air. I loved how the Christmas spirit lingered.

Then I had to rush off, heavy-heartedly for a meeting with the team from Hannah’s office. We got together to discuss about building better schools for kids in rural areas. As the meeting progressed I was glad I came for it. That was fulfilling because the subject of education has always been close to my heart.

Afterwards, he asked me if I wanted to hang out. We decided to go to his place to watch Date Night. I cuddled up to his sofa. He gave me guava juice and his smelly pillow to hug. Well his whole house smells of him. Especially his room. Not not a bad smell. Its just his smell.

Well I drove home, listening to soft Christmassy love songs with butterflies in my stomach. Ah well, i’ll get over it tomorrow.

Merry Christmas Eve!

I love the holidays.

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You know why? Because then I have extra time to catch up on life, family, friends and the late night dates with law books. And I finished writing another article.

I celebrated by grandma’s birthday back at my hometown and had a blast with my cousins.

Secret Recipe cake.

And when I was back in Subang I spent one of the days going to the gym, overeating and singing my heart and lungs karaoke-ing with the new friends. No picture available because they decided to turn off all the lights.  ._.

Then I went to watch Life As You Know It with Ashwathy and Angelina. Girl’s day out to catch up. No picture available because I was too lazy to flip my camera out.

And today I had a splendid day out lunching with Brenda at Full House. I’m so proud of myself for being disciplined. I ordered this:

Caesar Salad tossed with toasted bread cubes, topped with sprinkles of cheese served with Smoked Salmon. Beetroot cream soup. Ice lemon tea.

Peppermint Chocolate Cake.

And as I was driving back, I began to notice how beautiful the flowers planted by the roads were.

Look how they bloom for you.



When you appreciate little things in life.

What if we were made for each other?

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Play it.

I’ve just finished watching Letters to Juliet. Beautiful story. Heart-warming. I’d admit I’m a sucker for movies of this genre. Movies about love stories of a boy and a girl.

Growing up, (with too much Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty) I’ve always pictured myself marrying someone out of some spectacular love story. Those kinds you find in movies. But through the years, I realise things like this will only happen in movies. Rarely Never in reality.

So slowly I stopped wearing my heart on my sleeve. Slowly I began to figure that feelings is indeed overrated. It’s just feelings which can be brushed aside. Because when these feelings are left to brew and  fed, things can be blown out of proportion. So  yes, I’ve slowly learnt to only depend on that is constant and definite. Something called reality. There’s more to life than the prince charming riding on a white horse by the sea when the sun is setting. Like doing well in school, having the best in life, enjoying life to the fullest with friends and family.

And honestly, I’ve been so caught up with doing that, that I’d admit I forgot how it feels to love a boy.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well, until I find that boy who’d make my heart stop. Without having to ride on white horses.



Because stories about people teach you.

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(these movies have been out for quite some time. only gotten the chance to watch it now after exams, so bear with me)

I have just finished watching The Blind Side – starring the amazing Sandra Bullock. Watch the trailer here. It’s a 2009 movie.

And I must say, it’s quite a movie. I have always been deeply moved by movies based on true stories. It was definitely heartwarming.

I walked away learning something more today. I learnt that giving can change one life. Giving can save one life from being wasted, from being thrown away. And that giving here is not just money. Its time. Its effort. Love. Support. Encouragement. It doesn’t cost a single cent, but it can change lives.

I left watching the movie wanting to be just like Leigh Anne (played by Sandra Bullock) when I grow up next time. Yes, she had everything, beautiful house, beautiful car, beautiful children, and an amazing husband. But she never once held back or gave up on Micheal, just because she wanted to change his life. She gave ever so selflessly, wholeheartedly, without asking anything in return. She was so determined to watch this boy excel. I want to be like that someday.

And what I noticed from the movie, her children are just like her. Not only you are helping strangers, but you change your kids too; that they become better people in this world just watching your selfless actions. They become that too. Now I want that if I have a family in the future.

Also, yesterday I watched Ip Man 2 with Angel, Ellan, Samuel, and Daniel.

Although I was never a fan of kung fu or fighting movies, I thoroughly recommend this watch.

I left the theatre learning that we should always be true to ourselves. Our origins. Our culture. Our race. To never let your dignity be compromised. And have your integrity respected as we respect others.

Also, that modesty is what makes a man great. And family should always be our priority in life.

This movie also made me realise that today, we mimic the western culture too closely that we forget ourselves sometimes. We forget our principles and values.

I definitely left the cinema more proud of my origins and where my identity came from.

Now who said watching tv is bad for you?

Little heavenly indulgences.

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After registering for IELTS with daddy, I headed over to Jo Lynn’s house and both of us left for Cineleisure.

If you’ve read my previous post This Joke, I’ve won two free tickets to watch G. I. Joe and I had Jo Lynn to come along with me.

We headed for Paddington House of Pancakes for lunch, at Curve. Heaven in a plate, I tell you. It was really good. Something, different, yet unique. Okay, if I go on describing it, I’ll get hungrier. I’d upload the video I took of Jo indulging in her serving of Pancakes at Paddingtons but she might just kill me. So I’ll just show you some pics I got off the net to show you how our lunch looked like.

Full Monty.Jo had the Full Monty. Two or three freshly made pancakes, with gravy waiting to be smothered over, slices of pepperoni tossed on top, together with a sunny side up, and a scoop of mash potatoes, fresh salad, sausages, and baked beans at the side.

Tokyo.I had the Tokyo. Grilled chicken in tomato puree, with melted cheese and slices of ham tossed on top, a helping of mash potatoes and olives, and vegetables rolled in a tortilla placed at the side.

After a satisfying lunch and a happy tummy, we headed for G. I Joe in Cineleisure. We had free seatings so we picked the best seats we could get. And the funniest thing happened.

They were couple seats. Well, at least thats what we thought for the first few minutes. So Jo felt a little awkward. I for one do not have a problem with it. So I kacau her lah, by touching her lap and arms. After whacking me and fidgeting for abit, she found the arm rest and realised it was up, and quickly shoved it down. I didn’t see that there was any difference. But I had I good laugh.

I had a good time. The movie itself was really good. If you’d know me well, I’m not a huge fan of boy’s movies. But this one was really good. It was sexy, unpredictable, their graphics were not bad, and the scenes, they blow you away. I wouldn’t mind watching it again, really.

G. I Joe.I think she’s hot.

G. I Joe.Jo thinks he’s hot.

Such a turn on, if I were to watch this movie with a guy.

After that, we went to Borders to indulge in some books, magazines and a frap from Starbucks in Borders. And so we did, just sat there, each of us deep into the pages of the magazines, pampering ourselves to the Caramel Cream Frappucinno.


After that, we headed to church for the Saturday Service, before Simply Fusion for dinner in Jaya One where we had a sinful dinner (with Danny and Benedict whom we met there). But for now, sinful is good. Its all good. Then she came over to my place to hang before she headed back home.

Even then, her chanting was still in my head. “To the windows, to the windows. To the walls, to the walls. Till the sweat drip down my balls. And all you bitches crawl,”. Its from her watching The Proposal a hundred times.

Oh yes, we had an awesome day. These are the little things that make me happy. I find joy spending time with my friends. Yeap, you can say I’m simple, and my criteria for an awesome day is easy because easily satisfied and pleased.Yeah, its all about simplicity.

I learnt that life’s just too short to stop for people that rob you of your happiness.

I’m not gonna run away, but let me go. Cause I’m letting go.

Hambuhini Kwok-Choy Yun Yun.

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Introducing to you, Hambuhini Kwok-Choy Yun Yun, child hamster of Choy Siew Fong and Kevin Kwok. No, they didn’t give birth to a hamster. They adopted one, or rather bought themselves the adorable thing at Taylor’s Charity Carnival today. Parents in training. Damn semangat.

You must be wondering, what an odd name. Ham is derived from the word hamster, bu I’m not so sure, hini whereas is from the many cases of H1N1 nowadays. Kwok is Siew Fong’s boyfriend’s surname, Choy is Siew Fong’s surname, and Yun Yun I have no idea but I was told its pronounced as Rong Rong in chinese. Don’t torture yourself if you can’t remember the name. Just Hini, for short, is fine.

I was introduced to her (yes, Hini a she) when I invaded Siew Fong’s apartment after heading back from a movie and dinner. We did alot of catching up. Missed her so much. So glad we can hang more during lunch breaks after uni starts. *hopes with fingers crossed our breaks overlap*


We watched The Proposal! Indeed a good show. Many who’ve watched it came back and told me it was good. They certainly did not lie about that.


I’m all about romantic comedies and chick flicks. Predictable. But yet it gets me everytime. There were some parts that were quite hilarious. I literally laughed my ass head off.

But apart from the movie, I absolutely enjoyed her company. I fell I can talk to her about anything and everything and be myself around her. And she understands and is not stingy with her opinions and advices. There were many many things I shared with her and she in turned listened and told me what she thought, and I soon begin to see things differently. And what she’d tell me may not be the things I’d love to hear, but they made sense.

After dinner, I gave her that dress I bought for her, together with a card. I promised that I’d buy her a dress few months back for her birthday. It was a short black ‘v’ neck dress with shiny diamonds at the top.

After movie we headed back to her place and she tried it on. And let me tell you, she looked amazingly hot and slim in it. It was a perfect fit. Not too short or too long. And she absolutely loved it. She said she’s going to wear it for the one year dinner anniversary with Kevin. I was esctatic.

Then she went on to show me her prom dress. Bright red, halter, ‘v’ neck, with shiny sequins at the top. Marilyn Monroe-ish. It was HAWT. And her gold and black heels, earings and bracelet. She has never showed it to a single soul other than her mom (cos they bought it together). I was absolutely honoured to be the first.

Next movie outing would be Ghost of Girlfriends Past, yes? Thankyouverymuch. Till then, lotsoflove.


When we met up in the mall –

SF: Viv, you look tired. Like half dead.

Vie: Really? Sorry lah. Just came from work. Am tired. But work was enjoyable!

SF: Haha. Okay, okay. Half alive then.

Vie: Yea, half alive sounds better than half dead. :B

Yup, I’ll blog about work soon. Work. Where do I even start?