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I loved today.

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Oh I love doing shopping on my own where I take my own sweet time and zone out from everything around me. I did that till Brenda arrived. After some more shopping we had a healthy lunch and watched Gulliver’s Travel.

We did more shopping, and burned a hole in my wallet.

Brenda treated me to some good ice cream here:

Then I went for my cell’s Christmas party. Good food, great company, and the best part was the carol singing. I love how our voices filled the air. I loved how the Christmas spirit lingered.

Then I had to rush off, heavy-heartedly for a meeting with the team from Hannah’s office. We got together to discuss about building better schools for kids in rural areas. As the meeting progressed I was glad I came for it. That was fulfilling because the subject of education has always been close to my heart.

Afterwards, he asked me if I wanted to hang out. We decided to go to his place to watch Date Night. I cuddled up to his sofa. He gave me guava juice and his smelly pillow to hug. Well his whole house smells of him. Especially his room. Not not a bad smell. Its just his smell.

Well I drove home, listening to soft Christmassy love songs with butterflies in my stomach. Ah well, i’ll get over it tomorrow.

Merry Christmas Eve!


I love the holidays.

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You know why? Because then I have extra time to catch up on life, family, friends and the late night dates with law books. And I finished writing another article.

I celebrated by grandma’s birthday back at my hometown and had a blast with my cousins.

Secret Recipe cake.

And when I was back in Subang I spent one of the days going to the gym, overeating and singing my heart and lungs karaoke-ing with the new friends. No picture available because they decided to turn off all the lights.  ._.

Then I went to watch Life As You Know It with Ashwathy and Angelina. Girl’s day out to catch up. No picture available because I was too lazy to flip my camera out.

And today I had a splendid day out lunching with Brenda at Full House. I’m so proud of myself for being disciplined. I ordered this:

Caesar Salad tossed with toasted bread cubes, topped with sprinkles of cheese served with Smoked Salmon. Beetroot cream soup. Ice lemon tea.

Peppermint Chocolate Cake.

And as I was driving back, I began to notice how beautiful the flowers planted by the roads were.

Look how they bloom for you.



When you appreciate little things in life.

Protected: Another escape.

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Go out girl, and go play.

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Okay, its only fair if we had a nice outing for movies and food from the many trips to the library preparing for Moot and Mock Test.

So, Ashwathy and I planned a movie marathon couple of days back. We planned to watch The Princess and The Frog.

(Yeah, two boyfriendless girls watching a Disney movie. We have not grown up, you see)

It was sweet. Touching. A typical fairytale. I loved it. I guess I’ve not grown out of Disney Princess Movies. However, I do still prefer movies with more substance. I’d rate it a 4/5.

Then, we proceeded to watch Couples Retreat.

It was alright. I typical predictable rom com. It was funny. Well, its categorised as an 18PL movie. So that pretty much sums up everything. I’d rate it a 3/5.

Well of course before that we headed for lunch. There’s this new place in Sunway Pyramid, called Full House. The decor was beautiful. (It was mostly white, one of my favourite colours) – Yeah that lured us in.

The centrepiece of the restaurant:

Pretty, aint it?

Both of us had the same set lunch.

It came with a huge glass of undiluted ice lemon tea.

The appetizer was Forest Soup. (Cream of mushroom sprinkled on top with thin slices of almond nuts)


The main course was Spaghetti with Turkey Ham and Shiitake Mushrooms swirled in cream sauce.

The desert was the two slices of cake, one Vanilla and the other Chocolate.

And we paid only RM16.90 for all that! (Only during lunch hours and price is subject to 10% gov tax)

Oh yes, our tummies were full and happy. I really liked the spaghetti. I’m still thinking about it actually. 😛 Who wants to head there with me the next time?

Then, we decided to go for some retail therapy. I tried on dresses I really liked. And I had helluva hard time walking away from them. It makes you think, WHERE THE HELL IS MY TALL, DARK, HANDSOME AND RICH BOYFRIEND?

Particularly this one. (It seem leopardy patterns are in this season)

I like the vest too!

Ooh this one’s damn clubbing.

I thought I’d never be able to pull off a white dress. Hell, I like this dress.

Yeah this one too. *cringes*

This was in my favourite colour so I had to try it on. I liked the patterns at the back.

I think this dress is cute. But I didn’t have much difficulty walking away from it. Ash however really liked that black dress and had a hard time walking away from it. That dress had two thumbs up from me too. It was darn sexy.

Another pretty white dress. *cringes*

Then, we tried on some t-shirts:


 I liked the t-shirts as well! Gah.

(All garments courtesy of Voir, Padini, Forever 21, and Nichii.)

So after satisfying my craving for a McDonald’s Strawberry Cornetto Sundae, I felt that my day was complete.

Us girls should have more girlfriend outings, yes?

Till then. X

Get your arse back to Criminal Law, woman.

Great friends, great food, great fun.

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Just the other day, my best friends and I headed to Pyramid after working hard in Uni/work to release stress and get naughty to have some real fun. We wanted some company with each other (after Carrie came back from the land down under).

Hence, instead of the movies, we decided to do stuff that would allow us to spend time with each other. We headed to the arcade for some good game of Daytona. Imagine three girls in skirts and high heels and handbags, walking into the arcade, and getting seats next to each other and car racing each other. Yeah, it was sexy.

Then we headed for FOOD. The fries we had was awesome! (in Asian Avenue)

IMG_3837It had three different toppings to it.

Then we had bubble tea. Did some shopping. Then it was Archery! Archery is indeed great fun. Especially with the best friends. And yes, its sexy too. A sexy sport.

Later, our stomachs beckoned for dinner. So we headed for japanese, as June, the pregnant one was craving for Unagi.

The people:


The food:

IMG_3865Thin crust pizza with scallop toppings.

IMG_3873Carissa’s Tempura topped on creamy spaghetti.

IMG_3884My chicken katsu spaghetti, topped with salf boiled egg.

IMG_3891June’s craved Unagi rice, topped with half boiled egg.

I guess its a restaurant that has western fused with jap food. Hence the spaghetti and jap dishes. And mind you, its pretty awesome.

Then we took some shots.

IMG_3843IMG_3926IMG_3874Okay, the fact that June took this shot, it had defeated the five second rule, altogether.

Then we took some nice photos:


And then they decided to get naughty:

IMG_3915See Carrie shoving her finger so hard up June’s nose?


IMG_3905Lovely couple indeed.

After dinner, we went shopping for groceries for the sleepover! The grocery shopping was quite fun itself.

Then, we adjourned to my house, poured out the vodka, watched Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past, oh and of course, the maggi cups we had to have too!

Yes, we had a great deal of fun. And looking forward to do it all over again!


The sun, the sand, the sea.

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Daddy planned a holiday with the family and family friends last weekend, to Cherating.

Just what I needed. A holiday. Away from the internet and television. It would be just us and the beach. Yes, I love beaches.


I made new friends! Kymberley and Leon. Great people.

Went fishing in the sea.Image153Despite me being the only girl among the men when I followed them for fishing, I did enjoy myself. Just relaxing with a magazine by the sea. The breeze, the sound of the ocean, the perfect weather. It was breathtaking. Except for the voyeurs around.

We had to climb and make our way through sharp rocks.


It was tough. I had a few cuts on my legs. Plus the salty waters. But no, I chose not to be a spoilt princess and toughen up.

We had seafood for the dinners. Stuffed crab for lunch. Glorious food.Image164We had this for tea, on our way back. Ice blended Coco Lava.

While Leon and Kym were having a swim in the pool, mummy and I had a walk around the resort. Parallel to the seaside. It was a nice moment. Until, I started laughing hysterically. Because this cat kept on following her.Image161And thats her running away from it.

At night after dinner, we had a karaoke session. Yes, as lame as it sounds, trust me, ITS MUCH LAMER THAN YOU THINK IT IS. Daddy forced me to sing My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. I thought, what the heck? Go ahead and just have fun.  I had a couple of rounds of Tiger beer as well, laughing at the sight of Kym and Leon closing their ears when their mom sang.

The next morning, I woke up feeling bad. Daddy arranged for Leon and I to have a game of Tennis. But I overslept. I apologised profusely as breaking promises is against my principal. He replied kindly that he went for a swim instead, so it was alright. Was I relieved.

We went to a jetty (Pulau Ular) where fishermen brought back their catchings, to sell them to fish mongers. We had the privilege of getting really fresh fishes at cheaper prices in comparison with those selling at the market, which may not be as fresh. (Mummy cooked one of the fishes we bought, for dinner today. And it was good!) It was indeed fascinating to see how the fishermen lived, their family, and how they seperated the fishes into different baskets.

Then it was time to say goodbye.

But I’ll remember.

Image150Image163The sea and the clear blue sky.

That I just couldn’t help but feel happy. Complete.

Girl’s Night Out. Strictly.

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Last Wednesday, the girls and I decided to head for Pyramid. Hit the movies and pamper ourselves with New Zealand ice cream.

Oh yes, excited was I, to dump the files at the office after work and rush to Pyramid to meet the two gorgeous.

As there were not many movie options to choose from, based on the time we have to be home, we decided to have a nice long conversational dinner.

After catching up, we went, yes, you’ve got it right. SHOPPING!

Carrie got herself a torquise tank top from Forever 21.


Then, it was ice cream time!


The prom queen won two years supply of New Zealand ice cream. This, my friend, is called, positive externality. Well, for me and June.

We were allowed to choose two flavours to fill that big tub. Carrie gladly allowed us to have the two choices. Such a blessing, ey. I chose the Hokey Pokey (honey, folded in creamy layers of ice cream and bits of crunchy butterscotch) and June chose the Mint & Chocolate Chip Kisses (a refreshing taste of mint flavoured ice cream with generous portions of big chocolate chips swirled together).


Hokey Pokey+ Mint & Chocolate Chip Kisses

Then, we fooled around



IMG_2928We tried to act lala. Tried.

But we had a great time. Laughed and ate. And laugh some more. And ate some more. And checked out ice hockey players.

Then, I realised, whatever I ever needed, I already have. Because I really don’t know what to ask for anymore. Yes, I am blessed. Immensely.

I have them.


June: Vie you deserve better.

Vie: I already have the best. Its you and Carrie.


And thank you, prom queen. For letting us have a share of your New Zealand ice cream. Have fun in Australia. Missing you quite terribly.