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I will travel the world.

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Melbourne: Day 1

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To live life without any boundaries would mean to move ahead to do what I love, without waiting for the people around me.

So, few months back I decided to just go ahead with booking a flight to the land of Australia. Weighing the cost (all from my own savings), the fact that I would be travelling alone for the first time without the parents, I still thought, why not? After all, how many more holidays do I get for a window to travel? Soon, in two years time, I see myself slaving away at the lonely corner of a law firm.

Life is short. And this is how I live life  as though everyday would be my last. I flew to Melbourne.

I booked a ticket to Melbourne with Angelina. She and I planned this few months back because she wanted to visit her friends in Melbourne before they graduated. I too promised Siew Fong I’d visit her in Sydney. But because Air Asia only flew to Melbourne (and I had to board another plane subsequently if I wanted to fly to Sydney) I decided to drop by Melbourne for a couple of days before flying off to Sydney.

Angel and I at LCCT.

Pretty decent food served on the plane.

After a few rounds of Monopoly Deal, chatting and stuffing our ears with ear mufflers because of the crying baby adjacent to our seats, the 8 hour flight was over.

A glimpse of the Australian sunrise.

After collecting our baggage and going through the custom inspections, I was warmly welcomed to Melbourne by my best friend, Carissa and boyfriend, Ming Zen. We waited until Angel boarded her coach to Swanston Street and left the airport to Ming’s house in Point Cook.

Ming’s beautiful home.

After placing my luggage down, I enthusiastically agreed to head to the city!

My first photo of Melbourne city.

My first tram ride.

The Public Purse by Simon Perry

Lunch at Cafe Andiamo.

Risotto and spinach cooked in creamy white wine sauce.

Kanchiny, Cherry, Jocelyn, Carissa

Raspberry and White Choc, Cherry Choc and Mint frosted cuppy cakes! One of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted.

Federation Square, where Bersih 2.0 was held in Melbourne.

Just like the ground, the square blocks are covered in real grass too!

The art museum.

And we came across this street with graffiti filled walls.

Melbourne city at night!

Lindt chocolate cafe for macaroons.

And we went to Hairy Little Sista for some champagne.

Had champagne with the macaroons.

Then had a hearty dinner with the merry family!

More to come!